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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

What is YouTube?

YouTube is Video Sharing Website and Video Search Engine.

How, we can Earn Money from YouTube?

When we upload Videos, Google places Advertisements in our Videos.  Advertiser pays some money to Google and Google shares some part of the Revenue with Us.  More Views, more Ads and more money.

Why, YouTube and Google?

  • Google is #1 Website in the World, #2 is Face Book and #3 is YouTube.  And Google is the Owner of YouTube,
  • Google is #1 Search Engine in the World and #2 is YouTube and both belongs to same family,
  • Millions of Videos are being Uploaded everyday,
  • Billions of Videos are being watched everyday,
  • Huge potentiality to make real money from YouTube,
  • Trusted by Millions of people world wide.

How, we receive payments from YouTube?

We register with Google Adsense and Google pays our payments through Wire Transfer or through Cheques.

How much money we can make from YouTube?

It depends.  There is unlimited earning potentiality in YouTube.  Our earnings depends on how we do it.  If you follow our step by step instructions and Action Plan, you can make $1000 above by working 1 to 2 hours daily.

Why YT Keys?

We, having vast experience in YouTube and Internet Marketing, will explain the entire process of Youtubing in Simple and easy to use Video Training Course.   And provide Support and Material required for YouTube.

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